Danielle Nicole Schnebelen

"That girl gets down to the nitty gritty." ~ Koko Taylor  

Danielle Nicole Schnebelen's  Musical influences originate from generations on both sides of her parent's families, and ensured that a love of playing music would continue to be passed among her and her siblings.  

Nicole began singing publicly with her parent's bands as a youth and took ahold of her full time in her early 20s.  "My Father really loved the Blues.  He'd go to all the true Blues guys that were around in KC, specifically Little Hatch.  He'd played for Abb Locke (saxophonist for Muddy Waters) and we'd get brought along sometimes.  The pure, raw emotion relayed through the Blues was what really drew me to it.  Its history is the foundation of American Music and is THE one that must be respected and not buried as myth or legend."  

As a founding member of the "Heavy Blues" sibling band Trampled Under Foot, she and her brothers took top honors at the International Blues Challenge in the US, propelling them into Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, UK and to be featured on several Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruises. It wasn't until 2015, when Nicole set out on her own with over a decade of touring experience with the release of "Wolf Den" recorded in New Orleans with Anders Osborne, that she began to find her sound as an Artist all on her own.  

Nicole's "distinctive, inventive bass work"—which resulted in her not only becoming the first woman to ever be nominated in the category of Instrumentalist ~ Bass in The Blues Foundation's 2012 Blues Music Awards,  but also the first woman to receive the honor twice -"is the product of years of intensive roadwork.  Although she had no experience with the instrument when she became Trampled Under Foot's bassist, now Nicole can't  imagine life without it."  

Nicole's 2017 release of "Cry No More" ushered in not only a heavier  sound and style differentiating Nicole's already broadening voice and writing, but also accrued a slew of accolades including debuting at #1 on Billboard Music Chart, a 2019 Grammy Nomination for Contemporary Blues Album; 2 Blues Music Awards, one for Contemporary Female Artist and her second Instrumentalist ~ Bass, and 3 Independent Blue Music Awards. 

Nicole has continued to tour the world and hone her sound.  She's recently received her 6th Blues Music Award; most notably her 4th for the category of Bass Instrumentalist.  "To be recognized for artistry on my instrument, for bass as a woman, is extremely humbling.   I was shocked to find out I was the first woman ever nominated, but I'm glad that the steps are happening and it's process is becoming more inclusive in genres that have traditionally been reserved for men."



Brandon Miller

Guitar and vocals

Brandon Miller isn’t the typical product of the small, Midwest town of Gardner, KS.  From beginning to play at the age of 7, he knew it was going to be music that would be his driving force in life. 

Throughout his years of studying music formally, educationally, and experimentally through high school and into college, Miller also had a desire to write original music. With musical influences such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Warren Haynes and Joe Bonamassa, he says “they are all extremely talented at their instrument; Warren and Clapton are incredible songwriters.” 

Miller truly holds his own candle among the few able to truly speak through his instrument and is impossible to be stylistically confined to Rock, Country, Roots, or Americana. 

Since joining Danielle Nicole Band as a founding member in 2015, Miller has  released 2 of his own recordings; "LIVE at Knucklehead's" in 2017 and his latest entitled "Virtue and Vice" in July 2020.  Visit www.brandonmillerkc.com to learn more about Brandon Miller.

"The ability he has to adapt his playing while keeping the intent, thought and heart pure at the same time is amazing.  Meanwhile the tone... he's just got it all.  We really work well together musically and go places to which I've never been; it's really a wonderful feeling being on stage and making music with him." - Danielle Nicole